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University of North Carolina

School of the Arts


MFA Wig & Make-Up Design Studies

Thesis Projects

La Belle et la Bête

(Beauty and the Beast) 1740's



Torin Bradshaw


Beauty: Catherine Calloway

Wig Build & Style, Wig and Make-up application.


Beast: Al Bass

Foam Urethane Cowl and horns, Foam Latex Neck and face. Sculpt, mold, foam, paint, hair laying, and application. Hands/nails, (originally designed by Johan Teng), were run, painted, and furred by myself.



Provided by UNCSA Costume Department



Reynolda Gardens and Garylyn Estate.

Process Shots


Post apocalyptic future



Torin Bradshaw


Macbeth: Mason Ensley

Beard and mustache fabrication, hair styling, tattoo and makeup design/application.


Lady Macbeth: Catherine Calloway

Hair and hair piece styling, tattoo and makeup design/application.


Jenna Snyder, Lian Rothschild, Emily Young

Latex skin FX, hair/wig styling, makeup application

Severed Head:

Foam-filled silicone head. Intrinsic coloring, hair punching.



Distressed and styled by Grace Schmitz

Set decoration:

Jenna Snyder



This channel is coming soon!

Once On This Island



Torin Bradshaw


Erzulie: Amy Helfrich

Wig build/style. Wig & Makeup Application

Hair decor fabrication


Asaka: Samaria Paigge

Wig Style. Hair decor fabrication.

Agwe: Malik Childs

Bald cap application, wig build/style, makeup application.

Papa Ge: Al Bass

Hair style, face/body paint.



Provided by Wardrobe Witchery.

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